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Project-based Teaching and Learning - Plumbing and Electrical

GIZ Skills Development for a Green Economy (SD4GE) II is closely cooperating with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to bring the latest methodologies in occupational teaching & learning to in-service TVET lecturers. In this context, a number of modular capacity building measures will be rolled out, of which this training forms one. 

During this course, you will take a learning journey through real life industry projects from the South African Plumbing and Electrical trade context.

With the help of external local and international experts, you will gain invaluable experience and solve actual local problems in the electrical and plumbing field. You will learn to collaborate with other trades (as no tradesman works in isolation), and to apply and to draw from each other’s strengths and knowledge base.

Throughout the learning journey of 11 weeks in total (5 Modules) you will switch between the role of a facilitator and learner, and experience the situated/project-based learning approach from both sides.

The Expert Network

Welcome to the Expert Network. In short, this platform is meant to support all our Project-based Teaching and Learning Alumni after completion of the training event. 

The aim of this platform is to serve as a type of transfer and networking platform, where you can freely communicate with each other to brainstorm ideas, share resources, and most importantly: Collaborate on developing ways to integrate the project-based teaching and learning methodology into your teaching. After all, the training has only had an impact if you can apply it in your daily practice.

Feel free to use this space to your benefit by adding content, setting up meetings, and creating discussions in the forum space. We hope that you can harness the full potential of this space to contribute to the constant improvement of education and training in South Africa. 

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Promotion of the Vocational and Educations Training Project

We are delighted that you are part of shaping a new sequence of instruction and learning experiences for the educational process in Namibia and the rest of Africa.

Digital tools such as mobile phones, computers, eBooks and more, allow for easy facts-finding. Our current models of teaching that are based on information retention should therefore be reviewed in favor of immersive or applied learning, where doing and the application of facts becomes the center of information and knowledge creation. 

This introductory programme was accordingly created to explore how we move the education sector for the artisan industry, from being informed of facts, to participating in facts.

Participants in this programme will be active in knowledge creation, using virtual reality praxis for the plumbing and electrical trades.

We are certain that you will enjoy your knowledge journey with us and your fellow course participants.